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Together we move into 2021 – HAPPY NEW YEAR

Jan 1, 2021 | Printshop Blog

Happy New Year!
New starts, new beginnings!
Lets hope we have
a year where we’re winning!
All seems great, nine to five
2020: a great year to be alive!
January rolls into February but then March enters the game,
The news it brings is worrying
Everyone is panicking
Everyone is hurrying.
Businesses forced to close down
Board up, cut the lights
Not even given the opportunity
To put up a fight.
Others have to find new ways to peddle their craft
New rules every day
From the absurd to the daft.
A lot of the days all
Merge into one
It’s no laughing matter
The novelty has gone!
It was important for us to reach out
To let customers know that we were there
A chat, a message
To let them know that we care
We’re all in this together
No matter the weather
No matter your trade or your art
It’s building up a team
That will help us all kick start
Sometimes you don’t know how or why
But ask one of your fellow experts
Because we have all to learnt to try
Life isn’t easy
That wasn’t the deal
Just focus on the positives
That’s how we will all start to heal
We’ll get there together
Because this isn’t the end
We’re still looking for treasure
So happy NEW year!
Listen to your voice
One day, or day one
It’s your choice.
All the best for 2021!
From Matt & Vikki x

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