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Jun 6, 2023 | Printshop Blog

So we missed a newsletter in March AND April, this one is for May (!) but it’s worth it: in this issue we have news, tips, and best of all an offer for you and your furry friends!

Why the delay? We have been incredibly busy working on making business better for you!

To encourage better customer service, sustainability and prices we are reducing what gets processed offsite and doing our upmost to ensure that as much printing as possible is created under the same roof as the design process.

To do this we have made a little investment and with that come big news…

We have opened a Tattoo Parlour!

Well, not quite but that is the new arm of the printshop. You’ve got the design, we’ve created the print, now it’s time to enter the parlour and get the t-shirt, mug, notebook or even tattoo!!

We are so excited to be able to offer the new in-house service of printing on clothing, accessories, mugs, and even temporary tattoos! More than ever, we can now bring your ideas to life and even more personal. If you are an event organiser, marketing expert or artist, we are ready to help you up your game! And if you are ready to impress that special someone, we are on standby to make sure you have the perfect gift. Get in touch!

May was mental health awareness month

Did you see our post about what mental health awareness means to us as small business owners? If not, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

If you too are a small business owner, make sure you are taking time for yourself, despite how impossible that feels! If you are not self-employed you may assume that when it’s your business you can take time out whenever you want but quite frankly: nope! In fact, quite the opposite. Don’t get me wrong we wouldn’t change our set up but we do need to work on the balance. When deciding on having a “lifestyle” business the only thing people warned us of was the fact our marriage wouldn’t survive.  Still going strong. What we weren’t warned about was how hard it is to stay mentally strong when your life creeps into your business and this is the same for ALL small business owners. You still have to go to work the day your grandad dies, your best friend dies, your battling anxiety, your battling depression: you can’t take a day off to grieve, to recover, to rest, because if you do no money will come in that day and so then you have the added pressure, which is already pretty strong, on making sure the mortgage on both your house and the shop are paid, the kids are fed and clothed. Some may say these are the choices we made, this is the life we wanted but surely balance can be achieved? Maybe a good place to start would be with a bit of awareness and understanding of how small businesses do differ from corporate. Why choosing small business isn’t just about making the owner do a little dance but also giving them a reason to keep going, to stay strong, to understand that whilst life is a rough ride you made this choice for all the right reasons and we can ride out the waves that sometimes engulf us because there are customers out there who need us just as much as we need them.

When we do get to have a little time out we both love to go the gym, so what an honour to design these cool new designs for them.

Business Shout Out!

Visitors to this year’s DogFest events will be sure to have seen the Book Your Pet team having heaps of fun over at the Hay Bale Racecourse. Bollington Printshop has been supporting the team to spread joy, helping to provide them with everything they need to reach as many visitors as possible.

The Book Your Pet team wants you to come and be a part of the fun and are giving you the chance to save 20% off tickets to any of the DogFest shows in this year’s calendar. 

Go along and say hello to the Book Your Pet team, check out Bollington Printshop’s work and take part in the Hay Bale Race. Talk to a team of pet business experts face-to-face and find out more about how Book Your Pet can help you connect to the pet services you need (such as walking, grooming, training, pet sitters, daycare, and even photography), wherever, and whenever you need them most.

Bring your furry friends to DogFest and join in the fun. Click here to claim your 20% discount today.

We send out Newsletters on a monthly basis (when we remember!), apparently it’s something all  business should do! If you have some news you would like us to share, please do get in touch!


Vikki, Matt & Charlie!

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