Terms & Conditions

Bollington Printshop Ltd Registered Company Number 11414012 England & Wales

Registered and trading office: The Old Stables, Queen Street, Bollington, SK10 5PS

VAT No: 328551984


Any quotes are based upon the specification as we understood it.

Any prices stated are valid until the expiry date shown within the quote, for quotes provided over the phone the quote shall be valid for 14 days from the date the quote was provided.  

If we are not informed, we cannot be held responsible for any errors on this specification.

Quotes unless otherwise stated, assume print ready artwork is supplied to our specifications – you need to follow our “Just Print Guidelines” – please ask for details to avoid additional studio charges or follow this link: https://acrobat.adobe.com/link/review?uri=urn:aaid:scds:US:42bba89b-d691-362c-9c87-e8fec414b639

We do offer a design service: this comes at an extra charge, please enquire within.

Accepted quotes are processed between 9am and 5pm Monday-Fridays unless we have agreed with you otherwise. If you accept your quote or approve your artwork to  go to print after 5pm on a Friday it will not be processed until the next working Monday, unless specifically agreed with us in writing first: this may have an effect on the turn around time of your order.

Quotes are deemed accepted when we are given the green light to commence work. This green light will be based upon our own understanding of your communication.

Standard turn around time for the print of print ready artwork is 7-10 working days; initial design turn around time is 3-5 working days. Working days for this purpose does not include Saturdays and Sundays.

These times may change during busy periods, but if you do require your product by a specific date please do let us know and we shall edit your task line accordingly. We will not proceed to print without your consent.

Our business is open 9am until 5pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am – 12pm on a Saturday. If you are unable to collect your order during these times, please do let us know and we can arrange for out of hours collection or delivery.

Please note if you will be unable to collect your order please ensure you make us aware as early as possible to allow us to arrange delivery services (please note delivery may come at an extra cost)

If we have quoted your job to be valued at £500 or over (inc VAT), we shall require 50% of the order value at the point of the quote being accepted and the balance to be made at the point of final invoicing.

A final invoice for your order shall be raised at the point your order goes to print: for all new customers payment of this invoice shall be required BEFORE your order goes to print.

Formation of Contract

By default, the company shall deem that a contract for any form of service is in effect when asked to carry out any work for the client.

The company may require written confirmation of any work to be carried out.

The company may provide a written quotation subject to acceptance by the client.

Acceptance of any quotation will result in an implied contract between parties.

The company reserves the right to vary the quotation at any time should the client make changes to any requirements of work to be carried out.

Termination of Contract

If you choose to terminate your contract, the company will invoice for any work carried out plus any expenses and handling charges incurred to that time Termination charges for intellectual services will include up to 50 (fifty) percent of the outstanding contract balance.

The Company reserves the right to cancel your contract at any time without prior written notice of such upon finding that any of the terms and conditions set out here in this document or any subsequent revisions thereof have been broken.

Payment Terms: On receipt of invoice

These terms have been updated on 1st October 2022

An invoice shall be raised when we have confirmation from you for your order to go to print and/or once a requested design has been approved. 

For all new customers payment of an invoice is required BEFORE your order goes to print.

If we have quoted your job to be valued at £500 or over (inc VAT), we shall require 50% of the order value at the point of the quote being accepted and the balance to be made at the point of final invoicing.

Unit prices are VAT exclusive; VAT shall be applied at the time of invoicing where applicable at the current rate.

Please note that late payment fees may apply if invoices are not paid when requested.


All enquires to vikki@bollingtonprintshop.co.uk or give us a call on 01625 574828

How to order

Contact vikki@bollingtonprintshop.co.uk


Please contact vikki@bollingtonprintshop.co.uk if you are not entirely satisfied with your order within 5 days of receiving your order with full details and images if possible to explain your concerns. We shall then work with you to rectify the situation asap.


All artwork and images are protected by copyright and are the property of Bollington Printshop Ltd. Any reproduction of images, prints, cards and text is strictly prohibited. Any resale of products for profitable gain is prohibited.

Title of Goods

Artwork remains the intellectual property of Bollington Printshop Ltd. If you wish to transfer ownership please ensure this is done in writing either by post or email to vikki@bollingtonprintshop.co.uk.

Title of goods (including documentation, electronic or otherwise) shall not pass from the company to client until such time as any outstanding monies are paid in full or disputes resolved.

We shall hold your artwork on file for a period of 6 years from the date it was last used.

Should you wish to obtain the foil block used for the production of a Bespoke Foil product, you must request that it is retained by the company within 2 weeks of the job being complete. Blocks will be held by us for 1 year period after their last use, after which they may be sent for melt down.

 Privacy Policy

The Company operates a closed policy on publicity and distribution of information and will not at any time divulge your name, address, telephone number, account details or electronic mail address to any non-legal third party and will only divulge your information to any legal establishment where it is deemed to be in the best interests and operation of the company.

Accuracy of Information on Site

We do our best to ensure information on the site is accurate and current. Despite our best efforts, some descriptions and information may occasionally be inaccurate or out of date. The inclusion of any products or services on this site at a particular time does not imply or warrant that these particular products or services will be available at any time. We reserve the right to discontinue any product at any time.

Links to other websites

bollingtonprintshop.co.uk may contain links to third party websites that are not under our control. We take no responsibility for quality, nature or content of any third party website. The links are provided for your convenience and it is the responsibility of the user to view and abide by their terms of use.

By accessing and using this site, you agree to be bound by these terms. These terms apply to all visitors, users or others who access and use this site.


At all times in any disputes, the company’s decision is final and will not be subject to outside adjudication by other parties

Governing law

These terms and conditions are formed under the laws of the United Kingdom and any legal claim shall be made in a court or via the legal system of the United Kingdom.

Changes to Terms

The Company at all times reserves the right to change the terms and conditions set out herein this document without prior written notice to any of its clients and any subsequent changes will become applicable immediately. No claims will be entered into which may not have been applicable in previous revisions of this document which are subsequently made provision for. Any claims by any client will only be acceptable on grounds outside the current revision of this document. The Company will at all times where reasonably possible make available for viewing its terms and conditions through its corporate website.


Bollington Printshop Ltd hereby excludes itself, its Employees and or Agents from all and any liability from:

  • Loss or damage caused by any inaccuracy;
  • Loss or damage caused by omission;
  • Loss or damage caused by delay or error, whether the result of negligence or other cause in the production of goods;
  • Loss or damage to clients’ artwork/photos. Immaterial whether the loss or damage results from negligence or otherwise.

The entire liability of Bollington Printshop Limited to the Client in respect of any claim whatsoever or breach of this Agreement, whether or not arising out of negligence, shall be limited to the charges paid for the Services under this Agreement in respect of which the breach has arisen.