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Fine Art & Original Design

  • Fine Art Reproduction
  • Limited Edition Giclee Prints
  • Digital Originals for Artists
  • Original design


Fine Art Reproduction

Do you have a favourite piece of art? Chances are that it's valuable. Over time, it may well be likely to suffer damage through excessive U.V. radiation or airborne pollution. Maybe you are an artist or a keen collector.

Invest now to safeguard your treasured possesion. We will scan and digitise your image as an insurance against the ravages of time. You can be assured that we care as passionately about your artwork as you do. Don't leave things to chance. Contact us NOW and ask about our Artwork and Photographic Digitising Service.

  • The individual painstaking attention to detail means that your artwork is preserved for future generations.
  • The resultant image can be made into GREETINGS and INVITATION CARDS or printed on to PROMOTIONAL ITEMS if required.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints

Our 44" Giclee printer (certified by the Fine-Art Guild and capable of producing ISO FOGRA certified prints) only uses lightfast pigment based inks with a increased lifespan of 100 years!. Don't be tempted by cheaper dye-based prints, they only have a limited life of a few years before fading. If you care for your artwork, only opt for pigmented ink.


NEW 12 Colour Giclee Printer

44" Large Format



Technical Details Here...

Bollington Printshop 44 inch giclee printer


The photographic resolution means that we can now offer you the chance to produce limited editions, printed onto either exhibition quality canvas, watercolour or other specialist papers. One satisfied customer went so far as to comment that "the resultant prints are so lifelike that you would be hard-pressed to tell them apart". Contact us NOW

  • Superb Quality and 100 years fade resistance under glass.
  • No need to print for stock
  • Save money - order just how many you need.

Digital Originals for Artists

Are you an artist? If you have exhibited your work, the chances are that you have been asked on several occasions: "Ooh that's lovely, is it for sale...?", just after you put the red sticker on it. Now with our help, this could be a thing of the past. In conjunction with our artwork digitising service, we have introduced a technique tailored to the artist who wishes to maximise their return, whilst maintaining the exclusivity of an original piece of art.

With minimum runs of only one copy you needn't be saddled with unwanted prints and the excellent quality and unique nature of our process means that your Digital Originals will be able to command a premium sales price. Contact us NOW for further details.

A Tryptych Fine Art Canvas in production at Bollington Printshop

For your complete piece of mind, we would welcome you to visit us and view our Giclee and Fine Art capture and production facilities.

Come in and see for yourself the quality of our sample Giclee Prints on a variety of substrates.

View a selection of recent commisions in our Artists' Gallery.

  • Unique technique tailored to the artist's requirements.
  • Maximise your potential income with our Digital Original service.

Original Design

In today's automated, high-tech age, there is still a place for Original hand-drawn Pen & Ink Sketches and Paintings to compliment computer-aided or computer generated design. With our talented team, we are able to offer you a wide variety of design techniques and styles to suit most tastes. With all our years of experience, Bollington Printshop is well placed to offer a totally integrated Artwork and Design Service.

  • We offer you the highest quality of bespoke individual design over a wide variety of techniques.

Bollington Printshop - because "We're passionate about Art!"

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