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You be the brains – We will be the creative

Bollington Printshop offers a bespoke, professional service for our customers. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer clientele fully-customised jobs within their specified timeframe, whilst quoting affordable costs.

An established company within the local community and beyond, Bollington Printshop continues to combine high-quality products with a philosophy centred on professionalism and exceptional customer service.

Our Services

Bollington Printshop takes pride in our ability to provide a range of services for our customers. We offer a wide range of print services for multiple occasions, embracing the challenge to produce visually stunning pieces for customers to suit a variety of needs, including:


If wedding bells are on the horizon, Bollington Printshop is well-stocked to make your magical day all the more memorable. We cater for bespoke designs and will ensure that your big day is all the more memorable.




Bollington Print Shop stock a wide range of essential stationary supplies on-site, including adhesives, writing paper, paper clips, pads, envelopes, pens, tape, and so forth.


Bollington Print Shop stock a wide range of essential stationary supplies on-site, including adhesives, writing paper, paper clips, pads, envelopes, pens, tape, and so forth.

Fine art and photography

There are some instances whereby a piece of art can prove to be valuable. Over a sustained period of time, an art piece can become damaged due to overexposure to UV rays or air pollution.

Seasonal and gifts

Ordnance Surveys.

In addition to our more conventional services, we have recently added ordnance surveys to the services on offer here at Bollington Printshop. These prints document mapping and are widely used within plans for architects and builders.

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We are located in the heart Bollington at
The Old Stables,
Queen Street,
Bollington, SK10 5PS

What our clients say

Bollington Leisure

Fast and professional service , great quality and an fantastic product range. Have had business cards, leaflets and posters created – and currently trying something very different… exciting things ahead!

Suzi Su Art

Fast, friendly and efficient service. Excellent value for money. Matt and Vicki are so helpful, giving the best advice.

Andy Langdon
I recently had my business cards printed by Matt and Vikki at the Printshop. A friendly and professional service.
The cards they produced are fantastic quality. Highly recommended
Laura Doherty
Whether it be for help with promotional materials or getting our family photos printed the team at Bollington Printshop always deliver an excellent service.
During lockdown they have worked exceptionally hard supporting local businesses and it this community spirit that makes them such a great organisation.
Thank you Vikki & Matt.
Ella Worthington
Vikki Wray and Matt Wray are BRILLIANT at Bollington Printshop. Very creative, fabulous service, friendly and great value for money – I would highly recommend them
Kay Evans

Excellent service and support. Great Artwork and friendly, caring owners. Thank you Matt and Vikki.

Janine Gurr
Highly recommend.
I wanted Mickey and Minnie Mouse personalised themed wrapping paper for my niece and nephew 5th birthday. I absolute love it and I’m sure they will too. Thank you again .

Frequently Asked Questions

Bollington Printshop’s company ethos promotes a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are fulfilled. This has presented our staff with the exciting opportunity to cater to the requirements of varied clients, during which time they have contributed their creative flair for an array of incredible designs.

With 30 years of experience, Bollington Printshop is pleased to be able to offer a wide choice of Quality, Bespoke Creative Design, aligned with all types of printing and imaging methods. Our bespoke service can be tailored to suit every taste, pocket and budget; details and examples of which can be found throughout this website.


How can I order?

In the shop, online or via email and telephone.  All contact details can be found here. If your order is urgent and requires an immediate response it may be worth giving us a quick call as we can be away from email for long periods of the day due to working on designs and machinery.

How do I find out how much you will charge?

Please simply ask us for a quote.

Visit Us

We are located in the heart Bollington at
The Old Stables,
Queen Street,
Bollington, SK10 5PS

Call us

01625 574828

Email us

How much is delivery?

Delivery within SK10 and SK11 is free of charge where possible.

For all other areas, please ask for a quote on delivery at the beginning of the order – postage and packaging is based upon Royal Mail 1st recorded delivery

How can I pay?

We are happy to accept payment in the form of cheques, debit cards or cash. We also take credit cards (a 2% surcharge can apply). Should we require an upfront deposit you will be notified at the point of quotation. All our online payments are conducted through one of our trusted and secure online payment gateways; WorldPay, PayPal or Stripe. Payment is required on collection or within the specified invoiced date. Late payment fees may apply.

There is something wrong with my order, what do I do?

We work hard to make sure you order is produced to our high standards. In the unlikely event that you find something wrong, please contact us and explain the issue within 5 days of receiving your order. We’ll do our best to resolve it to your satisfaction.

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Comment below, what do you reckon we are cooking up today, other than trouble?!

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Whether it is for purposes or personal use, contact us about our design services - you don't have to have the same as everyone else - make it yours! 01625 574 828

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When Star Wars is your world!!
Happy Star Wars Day

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We are closed today but that doesn't mean we've forgotten our manners. Thank you to these customers for supporting our business over the past week

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If you would like to find out more about how we work with our artists why not give us a call and have a chat 01625 574828

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Kudos to our local postman today: I've been up Beeston Brow to deliver the new Bollington Live, bloomin' heck that's a steep one!

We are doing our upmost on all deliveries at the moment but please note that those that require couriers are slightly delayed due to two main factors: our local post office is a family run business and having to work reduced hours/days due to Covid19 restrictions; couriers are swamped! Thank you for your patience.

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Despite being driven by paper, we do our upmost to ensure our paper is responsibly sourced, recycled and reused

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Thank you to these businesses for supporting us this week: it is so great seeing businesses reopening!

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Driving us into the weekend: happy Friday!

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How many times over the past 2 years have you had a 3 month countdown to your wedding?

Fingers crossed this is the last! Let's get ready!

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The availability to design your own graphics is fantastic but a lot of apps are designed for digital purposes rather than print.

To have confidence in what your end product is going to look like ask for a printed proof from your printer.

We would print one for ourselves anyway to check you are going to be happy with the final product so it is no extra charge (subject to terms and conditions)

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Can we help you leave your mark? Contact us on 01625 574828

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Andrews Pharmacy James Roberts Coaching Echo Performing Arts Academy and Bean and Bubble Thank you for supporting our business this week

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“All right, but apart from the sanitation, the medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system, and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?”

“Brought peace.”

“Oh. Peace? Shut up!”

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We have become impatient with the pandemic and lost our patience as a result of the pandemic,

As businesses reopen please be kind to each other - they may be open but they are still having to deal with the impacts of Brexit, the impact of Covid on capacity and Covid restrictions plus, for some a back log caused by the Bank Holiday.

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Thank you Jason!

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Woohoo! Shops are open - that means you no longer have to book to come and see us but you do still have to abide by the rules of one in one out and wear a mask.

Make sure you come in to see some of our new artists in stock, including as to the picture (artist's own)

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We are located in the heart Bollington at
The Old Stables,
Queen Street,
Bollington, SK10 5PS

Call us

01625 574828

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Bollington Printshop

This is my covid notice
First & foremost we ask that you do everything to keep yourselves safe & well by respecting the National Lockdown rules and restrictions
Please do not arrive at our premises unannounced Tel 01625 574828
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Please note due to the current lockdown rules and restrictions some orders/turnaround times may be affected - if your order is required by a specific date, please let us know from the start